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VetPost Cares

VetPost is a young dynamic 100% Australian owned company, based in Sydney.

We care for pets. We care for wildlife. We care for stray and orphaned animals. We care for people throughout the world.

We are veterinarians, and every day we examine, diagnose, treat and perform surgery on pets like yours. We love the work we do, and get immense satisfaction from making sick animals better and repairing others that are injured.

We do not just treat sick and injured animals, because a significant part of our day is spent helping pet owners keep their loved animals healthy and free from disease.

We really believe that prevention is better than cure, and our promise to you, as a VetPost customer, is that we will help guide you to choose the best product for your pet to help prevent and control many different problems from fleas to ticks and heartworm, and also to enrich their lives with a wonderful range of shampoos, toys and treats.

Our care for animals goes way beyond looking after pets brought to us by their owners. We live in a wonderful part of the world surrounded by unique wildlife. Every day we treat sick and injured wild animals - the range is enormous! We have treated kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, hundreds of possums, sugar gliders, powerful owls, tawny frogmouths, cockatoos, rosellas, lorikeets, and dozens of other spices of birds. We treat many long necked turtles, blue-tongued lizards, skinks, and even a few snakes.

All of these animals need help, and with each one our aim is the same: wherever possible to treat their wounds and illnesses and get them rehabilitated and back into the wild where they belong. The pro bono treatment of these animals is one way that we give back to the community. We have been caring for wildlife, every day for over twenty-five years. Your support of VetPost will help us to continue to provide this valuable service.

Every time a storm hits, dogs and cats get frightened and some can run away. Every school holidays, someone leaves a gate unlatched. Every week, and often several times a day, a frightened animal lands on our doorstep. Each is scanned for a microchip and then we search all the databases to try to reunite the animal with its owner. Often we can track down and call the pet's owner before they even know their pet has escaped. We give them food and shelter waiting for their owners to come.

Not every animal has an owner. Over the years we have cared for and have found homes for hundreds of homeless animals, often treating them at our own cost to make them more attractive to potential owners. We believe that VetPost is unique in dedicating money from your purchases to this service.

We also support people as well. VetPost donates to local charities like the SES and RFS Bushfire brigades as well as international aid organisations like Care Australia and UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency), UNICEF as well as helping sponsor seven children in Africa, regardless of their nationality or religious belief.
We support dogs' homes in Thailand, as well as local pet charities and shelters, Guide Dogs Australia and Seeing Eye Dogs Australia charities.

Your purchases from VetPost will help change the lives of wild animals, stray cats and dogs, orphaned puppies and kittens and children and adults less fortunate that ourselves.

VetPost thanks you for your support.

Gordon, Caroline and the VetPost Team